Most consider her shy until she warms up to you.  It takes her awhile to be comfortable.  She isn't conventionally pretty, but more unique - fair of skin, freckled, red hair and strange, strange eyes.  Men have loved her intensely "I would do anything to have you, if I knew there was a chance", or scorned her "wicked witch". 

She is tall, strong legs and a sixth sense.  She knows she is different; she can see beyond the plastic reality that the world around her thrives in.  She feels pain, so sharp that sometimes she thinks she would be better off dead.  But she cannot turn her back on the miracles she creates.

She loves animals, but she is wary of humans.  Many men have hurt her in the past - burning away her innocence until she no longer trusts any of them but her father and her lover.  Those that have violated her - she has killed all of them - save one, and thinks of the remaining suitor as a shadow that passes her way occasionally.

She hopes that she will figure it out, but things are getting hazy.  She cannot see the future this time, and is scared of what lies ahead.