I can't write down how much I love music.  I hear symphonies in my head, sing in the shower and car, write lyrics to songs that may never be heard by another human being.

Music is the voice of the soul.  And though I have developed a large collection over the years, I know I haven't scratched the surface of it.  A song can enrage, settle you, make you cry, wish you could die.  It's more powerful than people give it credit.

Here is a list of my favorite artists/songs.  Always changing, of course, but they all have feeling.

Tori Amos (yeah, she went through the drug phase, somewhere around "Little Girls", but I still cry every time I hear precious things - I feel that song in my blood, as if it was meant for me).
Fiona Apple (beautiful lyricist whose sadness became a musical gift)
Beatles (do they need an explanation? )
Belly (the most underrated band.  So were the Pixies and Throwing Muses - check them out!!)
Bjork (cool as shit - her music moves you to another plane)
Jeff Buckley (died too young, voice like a god - I could have been a groupie)
The Cranes (yeah, I'm a weirdo)
Delerium (um, second that)
The Donnas (rock on, girls)
The Doors (I get lost in their music)
Garbage (my second favorite of all time - Shirley Manson could rule the world!!!)
PJ Harvey (musical genius - awesome lyrics, a voice that echoes emotion)
The Kidney Thieves (this band is extremely talented - I wish they were more well known)
Led Zeppelin (introduced to me by my love - they are fantastic)
Nirvana (I cried the day Kurt Cobain died)
Aimee Mann (Just discovered recently - she is one talented weirdo)
Massive Attack (Insanely cool British band)
Oasis (Gotta love the British)
Liz Phair (I wanna be a bitch too)
Pink Martini (Classical tunes redone w/ an edge)
Poe (doesn't anyone else realize she is the most talented of all?)
Portishead (Another insanely cool British band - Beth Gibbons voice is angelic)
Prince (Yeah, I get a lot of shit for this.  But who else could get away with the song "You Sexy Motherf**ker"?  This sexual, crazy man of purple rain has helped so many singers/bands and at the same time rocks)
Queens of the Stone Age (This is my favorite band at the moment - come out w/ a new record, already!)
Radiohead (You like Coldplay?  These guys came first)
Rage Against the Machine (Free Leonard Peltier!)
Shakespeare's Sister (Too bad they broke up)
Sister Machine Gun (Burn is fab)
Smashing Pumpkins (Billy Corgan is my Daddy Warbucks!!)
Spoon (Makes me want to strip)
Tapping the Vein (Another awesome band with a lead singer with angelic vocals)
Throwing Muses (yippee!)
U2 (long live the kings)
Veruca Salt (All hail me)

Yeah, I know I've forgotten some, and I have a bunch of homemade CDs around the place with a song or two.  I'll list the others later.

Oh, and some people give me shit for not liking Dave Mathews, like that's a right of artistic passage or something.  Many years ago, I actually did.  Then an old friend (not in the picture anymore) ruined me on them.  Oh, and that one song being played to death on the radio.  So my apologies for not fitting into a musical stereotype.  You can keep your Dave.