Let them fry.


People have asked me how, as the liberal I am, how I can believe in the death penalty.  Two cases come to mind as I write this:

I started out as a Criminal Justice major in college (I know, from that to art, who knew).  Anyway, the first case study we discussed still haunts me.  A woman is stranded on the side of the road after her car dies.  A man pulls over to help her out.  Instead he beats her, rapes her, then kills her by inserting a shot gun up her vagina and pulling the trigger.  She bleeds to death after the shot basically rips up her insides.

Case two, which I sure everyone remembers.  Beaumont, LA.  Three white men pick up a black man walking along side a deserted road.  They tie him to the back of their pick-up truck and drag him to his death.  The police are left picking up bit and pieces of the man's body for days.

These are only a few examples of why I believe in capital punishment.  There was no question that these people were the perpetrators (eyewitness or DNA evidence) and there is no chance of rehabilitation.  Right now it costs nearly $100,000 (fluctuations by state and facility) to keep a prisoner alive for a year.  Yes, call me barbaric, but what have they done?  An eye for an eye went out in Biblical times, but some crimes there can be no punishment for but death.