My father's mother passed on this "hobby" to me.  I focus my creative energies here, when I am too tired to paint, draw or write.  I have built over five dollhouses and created numerous "miniatures".  And yes, there is a special place in my heart for barbies (yes, I am stuck at 10 years old sometimes and love it).

This is one of my latest, barbie-sized houses.  It has a kitchen and living/dining room on the first floor, bath and bedroom on the second, and bedroom and 2 closets on the third.  Yeah, it's one big beast and is taking up way too much room in my studio.  But it'll be fabulous when it's done, ready for a happy family to move right in.
This is another current project, which has been a "project" for way too long.  I really need to finish this thing, but it's a little more complicated than the barbie one because it has electricity in it.  It's all wired, and the frame built, so I have a little wallpapering left, and painting and hanging the windows.  This is about 1:12 scale.  My first two dollhouses were this same scale, and this is what you see mostly in craft stores (way too small for a barbie, but perfect for minis).
This is the home I built for Lara, which is the only "artist" barbie I ever found.  She was from the "Generation Girls" series (back in the 90's) and came with her own easel, paints, smock, etc.  She's like me in barbie form (okay, except I'm not anorexic with plastic skin and pam anderson boobs).  But I built this doll house as a studio/home for her.  Lots of work left on the interior - just a bunch of junk on the inside, haven't really worked on this one in awhile.  I really like some of those Japanese miniatures from Re-ment, though.  Check out the fridge - Barbie gets her picnic food along with fresh fish and vodka.  Here's too plastic livers everywhere....

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