Washington D.C. on September 24th, 2005

Here are my stills from the DC War Protest.  For the video version, please click here.





L: A group of protestors in front of their van on Constitution Avenue an hour before the demonstration.  R:  Camp Casey (Cindy Sheehan).  Rows and rows of crosses, and a dozen or so pairs of military boots.  Flowers and pictures of dead soldiers are propped up around the camp.  It's a very sobering tribute.  Later in the day, this area would be swamped with people.

L: The crowd is starting to gather on the ellipse in front of the Whitehouse where the stage is set up for the rally before the march.  R:  Michael, Tam and Ang.  Michael is a professor at a Jesuit university in San Fran.  We met him on the Metro on the way to the march.  Very cool - he teaches Ethics of all things. 

L: Jon Stewart for President 2008; this woman rocks.  R:  11:30AM, and the crowd is swelling.  People in stilts and creative signs and flags everywhere.

L:  Another picture looking back on the Washington monument.  R:  "Keep Your Laws off my Fucking Body" - Awesome woman....

L: Rock on, guys.  R: Really crowded now, 12:30PM.

L: Me and Tam showing our support.  R:  Franciscans for Peace.

L:  Cute couple who I asked to pose for a picture.  R: Another beautiful family for peace. 

L: Me posing w/ a Catholic priest.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch his name, but I was so humbled by the fact that he was there (among others).  R: An interesting group of protestors - their sign was very poignant.

L:  Here we are starting the march.  They were still giving speeches up at the stage, but the mass of over 100,000 people wanted to move and march.  I have the rest on video - it's just so hard to explain the feeling of that many people gathered in one place for the purpose of peace.  R:  A drummer and her entourage.  We followed them for awhile in the march.

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